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GROUP ALUMNI (and where they are now!)

Former Students

Ashley R. Berg


Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Thérèse (Tess) S. Carter

Senior Policy Analyst

Joint Economic Committee, US Congress

Bonne Ford

Research Scientist

CIRA/Colorado State University

Sidhant Pai

Co-founder & Chief Science Officer


Luke D. Schiferl

Research Associate

Harvard / Columbia University

Emily K. Shorin

The Brattle Group

Sam J. Silva

Assistant Professor

University of Southern California

Xuan Wang

Assistant Professor

City University of Hong Kong

Former Postdocs

Qi Chen

Associate Professor

Peking University


Ben Crawford

Assistant Professor

University of Denver


Ka Ming Fung

Senior Research Science Analyst

McKinsey & Company


Chloe Y. Gao

Assistant Professor

Fudan University

Jeffrey A. Geddes

Assistant Professor

Boston University


Jessica D. Haskins

Assistant Professor

University of Utah

Ruud Janssen

Research Scientist

TNO, Netherlands

Kateryna Lapina

Senior Data Scientist



William C. Porter

Assistant Professor

University of California, Riverside

David A. Ridley

Manager, Advanced Monitoring Techniques Section

California Air Resources Board

Sarah Safieddine

Research Scientist

Laboratoire Atmospheres, Milieux, Observations Spatiales (LATMOS), Paris

Katherine R. Travis

Research Scientist

NASA Langley

Amos P.K. Tai

Associate Professor

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Maria val Martin

Research and Teaching Fellow

University of Sheffield

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