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Colette is moving to ETH Zurich in January 2024. She is no longer accepting postdocs or graduate students at MIT. You can learn more about opportunities at ETH here:

Prospective Students:
Atmospheric Chemistry is inherently mutli-disciplinary so graduate students come from a variety of backgrounds in the physical sciences, including physics, chemistry, engineering, meteorology or earth science. There is no specific degree requirement for admission to our program beyond a solid math background. While both experience with programming and a chemistry background can be an asset in our group, these are things that can be learned "on the job" in the course of your graduate research.

If you are interested in pursuing graduate research with Prof. Colette Heald, please get in touch with her early in your application process to discuss your interests and upcoming projects. You can read through our Research page to get a sense of current research topics.

Prospective Postdocs/Researchers:
We are often looking for talented, motivated researchers to join our group. Individuals with experience in modeling and/or the interpretation of satellite observations are a particular asset to the group. Opportunities are generally advertised through word-of-mouth or the ES-jobs list. If you will be completing your PhD in the coming year and would be interested in discussing opportunities in our group, you are encouraged to contact Colette Heald early in your search.

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